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Eureka Math and distance learning

Eureka Math and distance learning

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So today I received this Tweet. I thought I’d share my response...

Hey there! This is tricky advice to give because I don’t want to lead you towards breaking any rules that you need to follow,  it here are some quick thoughts...

My general goal during my synchronous (live teaching) time is to prioritize/maximize student discourse rather than forcing students to listen to too much of me.

I recommend teachers make their own, short instructional video for the concept development...6 to 10 minutes in length. Ideally, students would asynchronously watch the video and do a few problems of the Problem Set as a “check for understanding”.

During the synchronous time I use the Application problem to begin the student discourse: students solve it alone in their paper. Then I use breakout rooms to send students into groups of three to solve the problem together on their Jamboard slide. Then I ask one or two groups to share their thinking.

After that we briefly discuss the video I asked students to watch. What was clear? What made sense? Then I send students to breakout rooms to solve a couple Problem Set questions on another Jamboard.

That wraps up the general flow of a day. Student “homework” is almost always to watch the video to prepare for tomorrow’s lesson.

I still mix thing up by using a Number Talk or WODB a couple times each week.

In summary, most of my primary instruction occurs asynchronously during the video. This allows me to prioritize student conversation during our synchronous time.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this.