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Three Act Tasks aligned to the K-5 modules

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Three Act Tasks aligned to the K-5 modules
by Admin User - Wednesday, August 1, 2018, 9:13 AM

Three Act TasksWant to do something MORE than just lesson after lesson in your modules? Try using a Three Act Task. Someone in the EMBARC community aligned every K-5 module with Three Act Tasks that you might want to try! Check them out...


What is a Three Act Task?

It is a lesson structure in which there are three parts (or acts). It creates an opportunity for students to become interested in modeling an accurate estimation/solution without the unnecessary myopic focus on the "right" answer.

  • Act 1: Introduce the problem situation with a video clip of photo
  • Act 2: Students collect data and solve the problem
  • Act 3: Reveal the answer and reflect on student solutions and solution methods

Here is a beautiful description (with examples) of Three Act Tasks with elementary students. Give a Three Act Task a try with your students!

Here is another very detailed walk-through of the Three Act Task structure. (From the inventor of the Three Act Task himself!)