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Lesson plan template

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Lesson plan template
by Admin User - Friday, June 7, 2019, 7:13 AM

EM lesson flowTeachers have been asking for a lesson plan format. Here is how a typical lesson might flow...

Fluency (20 minutes)

  • Choose any two of the following: fluency activity from the teacher edition, application problem, Number Talk, fluency game

Concept Development (20 minutes)

  • Be super thoughtful about the 3 or 4 examples you will share. Write the problems AND SOLVE THEM! What key phrases might you use during the concept development?

Independent Practice and Debrief (20 minutes)

  • Identify your M's, C's, and E's. What will be the debrief question(s) you will use?




Teachers have also been asking how to incorporate the workshop model with EngageNY. We'll cover that in a future post!