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Resources and ideas for making EngageNY/Eureka Math even better. Games, differentiation, online activities, etc.light bulb

Manipulatives (Virtual and Real)

CPM Virtual Algebra tiles

Entry link: CPM Virtual Algebra tiles

Didax collection of virtual manipulatives

Entry link: Didax collection of virtual manipulatives

DreamBox virtual manipulatives


You don't need to buy DreamBox to use their virtual manipulatives. These virtual manipulatives can be used in large- or small-group instructional settings with your interactive white board or projector, or on computers.


Entry link: DreamBox virtual manipulatives

GeoGebra Virtual Manipulatives



GeoGebra is a wonderful tool. Create your own interactive applet or use one of the thousands that have already been made.

Entry link: GeoGebra Virtual Manipulatives

Google Slides Virtual Manipulatives

Virtual Manipulatives in Google Slides

Made with Google slides. Students can collaboratively work in the same slide.




Entry link: Google Slides Virtual Manipulatives

Math Learning Center

Entry link: Math Learning Center

Math Playground


This website has it all: number games, flash cards, virtual math manipulatives, The best part of this site are...


Entry link: Math Playground

Mathigon PolyPad


 An incredibly versatile virtual manipulative that is easy to use. 

Entry link: Mathigon PolyPad


Entry link: Mathsbot

Toy Theater

Entry link: Toy Theater

Virtual Manipulatives

matrixA list of virtual manipulatives: web-based apps or apps for the iPad. Or BOTH!


Entry link: Virtual Manipulatives

Virtual Ten Frame


Show this ten-frame on your projector to lead a whole-class discussion.

Entry link: Virtual Ten Frame