Manipulatives (Virtual and Real)

CPM Virtual Algebra tiles

Didax collection of virtual manipulatives

DreamBox virtual manipulatives


You don't need to buy DreamBox to use their virtual manipulatives. These virtual manipulatives can be used in large- or small-group instructional settings with your interactive white board or projector, or on computers.

GeoGebra Virtual Manipulatives


GeoGebra is a wonderful tool. Create your own interactive applet or use one of the thousands that have already been made.

Google Slides Virtual Manipulatives

Virtual Manipulatives in Google Slides

Made with Google slides. Students can collaboratively work in the same slide.



Math Learning Center

Math Playground

This website has it all: number games, flash cards, virtual math manipulatives, The best part of this site are...


Mathigon PolyPad

 An incredibly versatile virtual manipulative that is easy to use. 


Toy Theater

Virtual Manipulatives

matrixA list of virtual manipulatives: web-based apps or apps for the iPad. Or BOTH!

Virtual Ten Frame

Show this ten-frame on your projector to lead a whole-class discussion.