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Developing fluency requires a balance and connection between conceptual understanding and computational proficiency. Computational methods that are over-practiced without understanding are forgotten or remembered incorrectly. Conceptual understanding without fluency can inhibit the problem solving process.

– NCTM, Principles and Standards for School Mathematics, pg. 35

There is much research that tells us using timed tests to ensure/practice/measure fluency causes math anxiety (and here). Moreover, research even shows a negative correlation between the use of timed tests and fact retrieval. Since fluency is essential, how do we help our students become fluent with their math skills? GAMES! I found these documents here….http://tools4ncteachers.com/


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Grade K

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Grade 1

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Grade 2

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Grade 3

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Grade 4

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Grade 5

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Eureka Math card games, help build math fluency in fun and engaging ways. These 10 card games, curated by their team of teacher-writers, are broken out by grade level and can be played with any standard deck of cards.

And another one…

This is one of my favorite multiplication games that students can play offline…









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